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Mutual Aid

Lacy is a proud street medic. Street or Action Medics are volunteers with first aid training who have significant protest experience. Street medics attend protests and demonstrations and provide medical and wellness care.

Her certifications include:


Basic Life Support, American Heart Association


Wilderness First Aid, National Outdoor Leadership School


Adult CPR/First Aid/AED, American Red Cross


First Aid for Severe Bleeding


Mental Health First Aid USA, National Council for Behavioral Health

Lacy is affiliated with the Saint Louis-based organizations Street Medic Revolution, Mobile American Revolution Co-Op of Helpers, and STL Mutual Aid. 

She has been involved in the justice for Breonna Taylor movement in Louisville and has volunteered with the Louisville Street Medic collective.

Lacy also works in Minneapolis at George Floyd Memorial Square with 612 M*A*S*H, a non-profit organization that works to bridge the gaps between underserved communities and critical resources in order to promote healing through aligning services, providing education, and deploying accessible care.